Sunday, August 20, 2006

Video Podcast Tutorial

I am working on a video podcast together with Metz, CK and Moho. We have all the video production figured out and thanks to this wonderful video podcast video tutorial from Israel Hyman we are ready to go.

Watch the video here (mp4)

Apple video podcast tutorial


Blogger Metz said...

Hi THC. Just watched the video podcast film in preparation for our meeting on Thursday. It was very basic and didn't contain a lot of surprises - which is good. I will use it to show my students when we get that far into the world of blogging.

Just a thought: While hosting and RSS-ing the way Izzy shows, it would also be a good idea to upload the videos we make on YouTube (or similar), so you can embed them directly into the blog - as well as linking the RSS feed. :o)

4:54 AM  
Blogger Thomas Christensen said...

I agree !

5:05 AM  

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